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Bolton Scholarship Fund memorial, named and general fund scholarships
awarded June 2, 2017
Raymond A. and Agnes L. Allen Memorial Scholarship
Casimir and Maureen Bednarczyk Memorial Scholarship
Bolton Booster Club Scholarship in Memory of Bruce Ralston
Bolton Booster Club Scholarship
Bolton Ecumenical Council Scholarship
Bolton Education Association Scholarship
Bolton High School Class of 2015 Project Graduation Scholarship
Bolton High School Class of 2016 Project Graduation Scholarship
Evelyn W. Halloran Memorial Scholarship - Bolton Historical Society
Bolton Lions Club - Scott Minicucci Memorial Scholarship
Bolton Lions Club - Elmer Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Bolton Mobil Scholarship
Bolton Motors, Inc. Scholarship
Bolton Music Works Scholarship
Bolton PTA Scholarship
Bolton Road Race Committee Scholarship
Bolton Seniors Organization Scholarship
Bolton United Methodist Church - Mission Committee Scholarship
Bolton Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship in Memory of Chief Michael Hickey
Bolton Women's Club Scholarship
The Bonn Family Scholarship in Memory of Paul E. Strohm
Bosworth Family Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Carvalho Scholarship
CBBH Scholarship
John P. Christ Memorial Scholarship
Helen M. Churchill Memorial Scholarship
Connecticut Feline Medicine & Surgery Scholarship
Franklin Delany Memorial Scholarship
Claire Fazzina and Deb Huntington Scholarship
Antonio and Elizabeth Fiano Families Scholarship
Hein Family Memorial Scholarship
Hills Family Scholarship in Memory of Lois, Karen, and Kevin Hills
Elfriede L. Hofmann Memorial Scholarship
Muriel Holmes Memorial Scholarship
Joe Jankowski Practical Science Scholarship
Alfred Krutainis and Pauline Lacis Memorial Scholarship
Richard Labenski, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Leonard Family Memorial Scholarship
Lynch Family Scholarship
Maneggia Family Scholarship
Hazel McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship
Meyers Family Scholarship
Robert William Miner Memorial Scholarship
MKM Scholarship in Memory of George & Catherine Rose
MMNT Foundation Accounting Scholarship
John J. Morianos Memorial Scholarship
Stephanie Morin Memorial Scholarship
Cody Morra Memorial Scholarship
Richard P. Morra Memorial Scholarship
Brunig "Wally" Moske Memorial Scholarship
Munson Family Scholarship
Marion Nicolay Art Scholarship
Mark S. O'Neill Memorial Scholarship
Loren Otter Memorial Scholarship
Isolda Paggioli Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Paul Peracchio & Dr. Daniel Saunders Oral Surgery Scholarship
Dr. Serge Poulin Scholarship
Preuss Family Memorial Scholarship
Bruce Ralston Memorial Scholarship
Scott B. Ralston Memorial Scholarship
Rich Family Scholarship
William F. Riley, Jr. Accounting Scholarship
John E. Rogers Memorial Scholarship
Rose Family Scholarship in memory of Sally and Allan Rose
Rita & John Sheetz Scholarship
Ruth Shepherd Estate Scholarship
Jean E. and Martin J. Sheridan Memorial Scholarship
Simoniz USA Inc. Scholarship (Business)
Simoniz USA Inc. Scholarship (Science)
Simoniz USA Inc. Scholarship
Marion Smith Memorial Scholarship
South Windsor Veterinary Clinic
Steve Czerwinski, Inc. Scholarship
St. Maurice Church Scholarship
St. Maurice Council 6199 Knights of Columbus Scholarship
Teller Family U.S. History and Government Scholarship
Roger D. Titus Scholarship
David and Olive Toomey Memorial Scholarship
Waitt Family Scholarship
Beverly Webb Memorial Scholarship
Gretchen Wiedie Scholarship
Winkler Family Scholarship
BSF Scholarship in Memory of Gunther Winkler
Women's Leadership Scholarship Bolton Scholarship
Bolton Scholarship Fund - General Fund Awards

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