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  Alumni Appeal

As a Bolton High School graduate and/or resident of the town of Bolton, you have had the opportunity to apply to the Bolton Scholarship Fund for financial assistance and may have received a scholarship. As you may remember, this organization is unique among others in the area in that we make awards to graduating seniors, and continue to support Bolton students throughout their college careers. The BSF was founded in November 1971 and awarded the first scholarships in June 1972.

In addition to the memorial and special funds which have been established throughout the years, we receive contributions from local businesses, the community at large and Bolton alumni. No amount is too small; even if you can send only $1, $2, or $5 it will be appreciated.

Contributions received by May 1 will be acknowledged in the Bolton High School graduation program in the following categories:

Friends $45 - $99
Sponsors $100 - $199
Patrons $200 - $299
Benefactors $300 and above

At the donor's discretion, contributions of $300 or more may be awarded as a named scholarship or deposited in the General Fund. A named scholarship such as this may be a one-time award or continue year to year with an annual contribution of $300. It is also possible to award a memorial scholarship to honor a deceased loved one and to establish ongoing Memorial and Special Fund from which annual scholarships are awarded. We would be pleased to provide more information with regard to the establishment of these funds.

On a personal note, we hope that all is well with you and your families, and thank you for your past support.

Our relationship with the Bolton Alumni Association continues and we encourage you to help update the Alumni Association's data base. Visit their site https://www.facebook.com/boltonalumnict/ to catch up with old classmates.

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