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Through the Bolton Scholarship Fund you can establish a named or memorial scholarship. A memorial scholarship can be in memory of one or more individuals. A named scholarship is named for an individual or family, a business, or an organization.

Named and memorial scholarships may be funded in one of two ways, through establishing a fund or through annual contributions. A fund awards scholarships annually, earns interest and is designed be self-sustaining for many years. Contributions to a fund may be made at any time and have a minimum initial contribution amount of $600. An annual scholarship provides awards each year totaling the donations received. These may be one-time awards or continue year to year with continued annual contributions. The minimum annual amount for a named or memorial scholarship is $300.00.

While we realize that donors may want to establish criteria for the scholarships they provide, we ask that such directives be general in nature to assure we have a matching candidate in our applicant pool. Whether you choose a named or memorial award, we will work with you to define the award parameters.

The BSF president will contact our scholarship donor families annually prior to each years’ awards. We confirm the parameters and scholarship award amounts each year. Donor families also receive a letter from us in June announcing the recipient of their scholarship.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or would like more information, please contact us.  We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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