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Please help us to continue providing financial assistance to Bolton, CT Students. Your tax deductible contribution (Checks made payable to Bolton Scholarship Fund Inc.) should be sent to:

The Bolton Scholarship Fund
c/o Bolton High School
72 Brandy Street
Bolton, Connecticut 06043

Alternatively, you may make a donation to the Bolton Scholarship Fund through PayPal using the button below.

We are pleased to accept contributions at any time during the year. However donations that are $45 or more andreceived by May 1 will be acknowledged in the Bolton High School graduation program. All donations will be recognized on our website as follows:

Friends $45 - $99
Sponsors $100 - $199
Patrons $200 - $299
Benefactors $300 and above

At the donor's discretion, contributions of $300 or more may be awarded as a named scholarship or deposited in the General Fund. A named scholarship such as this may be a one-time award or continue year to year with an annual contribution of $300 or more. It is also possible to award a memorial scholarship to honor a deceased loved one or to establish ongoing Memorial and Special Funds from which annual scholarships are awarded. We would be pleased to provide more information with regard to the establishment of these funds.

Be assured that your contribution is a sound investment with no administrative or hidden expenditures. Aside from expenses incurred for postage, printing and insurance, your donations are used only for scholarship awards.

If you have any questions about this organization or would be interested in serving on the committee, please contact us.

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